28th Annual PAM Virtual Conference

Post Conference Documents & Video Recordings

  • Keynote Session
    Social Distancing with Families – The Covert Pandemic.
    Barb Flis, Founder, Parent Action for Healthy Kids.

00:00 / 1:21:35

If presenters permitted us, the session's recording will be available until January 8, 2021.

  • Emergency Preparedness for Families in Michigan.
    Tpr. Ronnie M. Evans Jr, Community Service Trooper, Lansing Post District 1 Michigan State Police
00:00 / 1:07:52
  • Closing Session
    Why Self-Care is More Important Than Ever.
    Christine Triano, MSW, LCSW, Adult and Adolescent
    Psychotherapist and Director of Mental Health,
     The Center for Connection

  • Continuing Education
    • Continuing Education Not offered for video or audio.
    • Evaluation: If you have not completed the evaluation we need your honest feedback for planning the 29th Annual PAM Virtual Conference.
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