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The annual conference brings together professionals and parents. It is for anyone who works with parents and families-educators, service providers, school personnel, parent network, and coalition members, and parent leaders, and volunteers. Learn about parenting issues, programs, and resources, and kicks off the Annual Parenting Awareness Month (March).

East Lansing - November 18, 2019

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Achieving Your Goals through 


Lisa M. Dietlin, International Speaker, Author, Media Personality, Transformational Change Agent and Philanthropy Expert, Founder/CEO, The Institute of Transformational Philanthropy

27th Annual PAM Conference
Monday, November 18, 2019


PowerPoint Presentations


If presenters provided their presentations and slides, you can access them HERE

Note: Anyone can access the majority of the presentations.
A few presenters sent a zip file, and you may have to be signed in to Gmail to access
Google Drive for those documents. Contact our office with any problems and we can email them to you.


Presenters who shared links:

4.   Puberty: Setting the Table for Healthy Transitions - HERE

20. The Electronic Cigarette Epidemic  -  HERE

East Lansing - December 10, 2018

East Lansing November 13, 2017

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East Lansing


Use Your Brain!
Raising Resilient, Emotionally Healthy Children"


Donna Volpitta, Ed.D., is the founder of the Center for Resilient Leadership

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East Lansing


What’s Happy Got to Do With It?


Dr. Deborah Gilboa, AskDoctorG. Writer, Media Personality, and Board
Certified Family Physician

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