2021 Annual Michigan Higher Education Network Conference Page

Join the MIHEN for our annual conference 
When: July, 30th 2021 
09:00 AM to 03:00 PM
Where: Virtually 
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2021 Conference Theme: Integrating Social Justice In Higher Education 

 Looking at higher education through a social justice lens allows professionals to support students and meet the needs of those who are underserved and unrepresented. The conference will explore whether justice and equity are consistently practiced in every aspect of college and university life. It will help identify specific social justice issues across college campuses and look at different solutions and strategies to provide equal opportunities and access for all students.  

4.0 MCBAP, CHES, and Social Work continuing education credits available!


Virtual Participation


You are expected to actively participate in the training. See below for additional information about virtual training recommendations and requirements.
− You must register through CMHA first, and then register in Zoom with the SAME email address. You will receive a CMHA confirmation email with the link to Register in Zoom. The Zoom confirmation will contain the link to access the training.
− Payment must be received 5 business days prior to the training.
− You must watch the virtual training LIVE to receive credit for the training.
− One week prior to the training, we will send you an email which will include a link to register for the training in Zoom. You will only be sent this link if you have paid for the training.
− The Zoom confirmation email will include the link to access the training for the dates scheduled.
− It is recommended that you save virtual training links in your calendar for easy access the day of the training.
− Each person must have their own laptop/computer/tablet - you cannot share a device.
− In order to receive credit for this training, attendees must be on video and visible throughout the entire training. Attendees must be situated in a way that is sufficient for active engagement and learning as determined by CMHA. Virtual trainings are to be treated with the same attention and vigor as an in-person training. Telephone only is not acceptable.
− We do not allow for training participants to be in their automobile/driving during trainings due to Michigan Distracted Driving Laws. More information can be provided upon request.
− Lack of response to multiple chats directly from moderators may impact your ability to receive continuing education credits.
− It is recommended that attendees log into the virtual waiting room at least 15 minutes before the training begins.
− Registration reports will indicate arrival time (note for continuing education you must be logged into the virtual training within 5 minutes of the start of the training).
− Polls and/or quizzes will be randomly given with a limited time for attendees to respond. This is required for continuing education.
− Internet: A strong internet connection is highly recommended. If your internet service is not able to stream videos, it will likely not be strong enough to support a live virtual training. You will want a minimum upload speed of 5mbps. If technology may be an issue for you, please contact CMHA at 517-374-6848 to discuss options further.
− Each training takes place in the time zone of its location and all agenda times reflect that.
− After confirmation that you have fully participated in this training, completed the polls/quizzes and evaluation (done via Google forms), your Continuing Education Certificate will be emailed to you within 30 days of the training.


2021 Virtual Conference Agenda


Time:                                            Description:                           Duration:

                 09:00 AM-9:15 AM                    Conference Introduction            15 Minutes 


                      09:15 AM-10:05 AM                  Keynote Part 1                               50 Minutes


                 10:05 AM-10:15 AM                  Break                                             10 Minutes


                 10:15 AM-11:15 AM                   Keynote Part 2                              1 Hour


                 11:15 AM-11:30 AM                   Break                                               15 Minutes


                 11:30 AM-12:30 PM                  Breakout Session One                 1 Hour      


                 12:30 PM-01:00 PM                 Lunch Break                                  30 Minutes


                 01:00 PM-02:00 PM                  Breakout Session Two                 1 Hour 


                 02:00 PM-02:45 PM                  Virtual Networking Session       45 Minutes


                 02:45 PM-03:00 PM                 Closing Remarks                           15 Minutes