May 2020 Research

Does Cannabis Use Predict More Severe Types of Alcohol Consequences? Longitudinal Associations in a 3‐Year Study of College Students Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research

Substance Use and Interpersonal Violence: Exploring Potential Threats to Underrepresented Minority Students’ Academic Success Journal of College Student Retention: Research, Theory & Practice

Perceptions of College Campus Alcohol and Sexual Violence Prevention among Students with Disabilities: “it Was a Joke” Journal of Family Violence

The prevalence and impact of elevated anxiety sensitivity among hazardous drinking college students. Drug and Alcohol Dependence

Exposure to tobacco marketing in bars predicts subsequent use of multiple tobacco products among non-tobacco-using college students BMJ Journals

Self-Esteem and Non-Medical Use of Prescription Drugs among College Students: Coping as a Mediator Substance Use and Misuse

Influencing college students' normative perceptions of protective behavioral strategies: A pilot randomized trial. Addictive Behaviors

Effect of fear of victimization on hazardous alcohol drinking, tobacco, and marijuana use among university students: A tale of two sexes. Addictive Behaviors

Prevalence of Cannabis Withdrawal Symptoms Among People With Regular or Dependent Use of Cannabinoids A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis JAMA Network

Trends in Marijuana Vaping and Edible Consumption From 2015 to 2018 Among Adolescents in the US JAMA Network

A Daily Study Comparing Alcohol-Related Positive and Negative Consequences for Days With Only Alcohol Use Versus Days With Simultaneous Alcohol and Marijuana Use in a Community Sample of Young Adults. Alcohol: Clinical and Experimental Research

Electronic screening and brief intervention to reduce cannabis use and consequences among graduate students presenting to a student health center: A pilot study. Addictive Behaviors

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