Coalition leaders across Michigan share “shout outs” or 5 minute updates on what their coalition is working on.

The monitoring of alcohol use is a key focus of public health surveillance efforts to better understand the relationship between alcohol use, particularly excessive use, and its harmful effects. This session will describe five alcohol indicators included in Substance Abuse and Mental Health Surveillance Indicators adopted by the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists in 2016.

Recognizing the Social Determinants of Health in a community, embracing the faults, and leveraging community partners to better suit the community you serve. Helping the community have better access to programs and services in a community by creating long-lasting relationships between service providers and the coalition.

Sustaining a coalition past the 10-year mark comes with unique challenges and weathering the cyclical nature of the work can at time feel defeating. This workshop will provide an overview of how coalition leaders and staff can and should hold the vision of community change for coalitions and use that vision to engage and re-engage partners. The workshop will consider how to determine what to sustain in coalitions and how to identify the next steps for coalition strategy implementation. The workshop will also review the balance between coalition strategy implementation and prevention programming as a way to create collective action. Participants will leave being able to identify at least one step they can take in sustaining and integrating their coalition work.