Student Leadership Services: Dealing with Disappointment and Uncertainty. The current global pandemic is a challenging time for everyone, especially our High School Seniors. In this video we engage students in a workshop format to discuss disappointment and uncertainty. We helps students clarify their expectations of senior year vs. what is actually happening, and provide strategies to help them fill the gap. We give 6 R’s that they can use to help them deal with the disappointment and uncertainty facing them and provide a challenge for them to engage in.

HR and business leaders today face more diversity in the workforce than ever before, particularly generational diversity. With that growing trend comes the challenge of figuring out how to create a workplace where engagement, loyalty and productivity are high, despite the differences among those demographic groups.

This document is a resource for coalitions and cross-sector collaboratives working towards population level outcomes related to youth, defined as young people 14-25 years old. It provides a self-assessment to help coalitions better understand where their current practices stand on the spectrum and helps measure a group’s readiness to engage young people as equal partners in the work.

A Guide to Holding a Youth Summit