The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) 2020 Health Equity Report, “Moving Health Equity Forward,” serves as the annual report on the department’s efforts to address racial and ethnic health disparities as required by Public Act 653.

HHS Disparity Impact Measurement Framework to Address Behavioral Health Disparities

A vision and framework for improving the social and health status of
racial and ethnic populations in Michigan

This workbook is for public health practitioners and partners interested in addressing social determinants of health in order to promote health and achieve health equity.

Drug overdoses are preventable. The growing overdose crisis, particularly among people from racial and ethnic minority groups, requires tailored prevention and treatment efforts. It’s time to identify and address cultural, economic, and structural factors that increase risk for overdose and prevent certain groups from getting and staying in treatment and recovery. Tailored prevention and treatment efforts should be designed to restore optimal health for all.