Michigan Department of health & human services

MDHHS is committed to creating a healthier Michigan and reducing obesity is a key priority.

Education Development Center (EDC) advances lasting solutions to the most pressing educational, health, and workforce challenges across the globe. Our work is guided by evidence, empathy, and experience.

According to their consciences, prevention professionals should be proactive on public policy and legislative issues. The public welfare and the individual’s right to services and personal wellness should guide the efforts of prevention professionals to educate the general public and policy makers. Prevention professionals should adopt a personal and professional stance that promotes health.

The Evidence-Based Resource Guide Series is a comprehensive set of modules with resources to improve health outcomes for people at risk for, experiencing, or recovering from mental health and/or substance use disorders. It is designed for practitioners, administrators, community leaders, health profession educators, and others considering an intervention for their organization or community.

This paper contributes to the discussion of group processes by offering an eight-step guide to building effective coalitions. This paper is written from the perspective of an organization considering initiating and leading a coalition but can be helpful to anyone eager to strengthen a coalition in which he or she participates.