Learn practical strategies and approaches to address common supervision and management challenges. Using these videos and the accompanying handouts, prevention professionals will learn useful tips for building team relationships, providing feedback, conducting performance appraisals, and evaluating their own supervisory skills.

  • The videos can be used together to build skills across several areas or can be used as independent lessons for those interested in a specific topic.
  • As you work through these videos and exercises, you will see how many of the skills we develop as prevention specialists can also be used to lead and support teams as supervisors and managers.
  • This series is intended for new and experienced supervisors as well as those aspiring to a supervisory role, and may be useful to those supervising volunteers as well as staff.

The Guide to the Eight Professional Competencies for Higher Education Substance Misuse Prevention (Professional Competencies Guide) was developed to provide a broad understanding of the range of skills necessary for orchestrating comprehensive campus prevention efforts. With the active engagement of seasoned personnel with extensive experience surrounding campus substance misuse prevention efforts, the resulting compilation organizes competencies within eight core areas; further, it provides specific resources helpful for each of these areas and for overall professional development. As a whole, this Professional Competencies Guide provides a current framework that helps campus leaders and dedicated professionals move things forward, to work more efficiently, and to be more effective.