Gain a better understanding of the community health assessment overview with this informational video! This video contains content that discusses the risk and protective factors, the selection of appropriate evidence-based practices, logic models, cultural competency, and so much more!

Watch this video to gain information on how to identify and engage stakeholders, what community sectors you should consider, the process of developing your team, how to document and communicate results, and so much more! This video demonstrates a great overview of the community health assessment!

Use this sample flyer when encouraging schools to participate in MiPHY. This resource highlights the benefits for schools to opt into this data collection tool

An effective logic model will act as a roadmap that tells your prevention workgroup where it is starting from, where it is going, how it will get to where it is going, and if it is going in the right direction. You will need to answer the following 14 questions to create an effective logic model. Once you have answered these questions, you will have the information necessary to create your logic model.

This manual helps communities plan and deliver substance use prevention strategies. It covers conducting needs assessments, identifying partners, and creating effective strategies for marketing and program evaluation. The manual also offers a sample timeline of tasks. Revised 2020

This resource is adapted by the Southeast PTTC from a resource created in partnership with the Maine Prevention Workforce Development Workgroup, convened by AdCare Educational Institute of Maine under contract with the Maine Center for Disease Control. It aims to meet universal developmental training needs of the substance misuse prevention workforce in the Southeast.

This resource is not specific to any one funding source or program. This resource can be used by new or current prevention professionals entering the field working in any federal, state, or locally funded prevention coalition, organization, or initiative. The purpose of this resource is to provide an overview of, and orientation to, the field of substance use prevention. We hope that the information will assist new professionals to become successful and productive. It is likely that your specific initiative or organization has its own on-boarding process and tools. This resource is offered as a supplement to your training.

This document is a living document that will change as the field of substance use prevention changes. The most current document can be found at the download link below.