Michigan Tobacco-Free Report Card

04/01/2023 PDF
Children/Youth Tobacco/Smoking/Vaping Prevention

Tobacco use is one of the largest public health threats to American youth. The popularization of electronic cigarettes (“e-cigarettes”) and other next-generation tobacco products has caused youth tobacco rates to skyrocket. In fact, the Surgeon General declared youth e-cigarette use an epidemic in 2018.

In the 2019 High School Risk Behavior Health Survey, 20.8% of Michigan high school students reported current use of electronic cigarettes.

Our public school districts alone reach over 2,600,000 students each year, giving schools over 2,600,000 opportunities to prevent tobacco initiation and use in youth. Preventing initiation is crucial: nearly 90% of adult tobacco users began using tobacco before the age of 18. Simply delaying tobacco use until 25 years of age can significantly reduce a person’s likelihood of becoming a habitual user.

Authors Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

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