The learning objectives to this resource are becoming familiar with the tasks associated with community organization, learning how to engage a diverse group of stakeholders in prevention planning activities, and learning how to build community ownership of activities by collaborating in planning, implementing and evaluating prevention strategies!

I’m Still a Person: The Stigma of Substance Use & the Power of Respect by Dr. Audrey Begun (MSW, PH.D.), is an interactive workbook created to help give people the knowledge required to address substance use-related stigma within themselves, their families, and their communities. This book examines the importance of the language we use when talking about substance use disorder and offers activities that will help spark changes in the way people think about the disease. It will also inspire us to be agents of change in environments where individuals and families may experience stigma.

This primer provides clear guidelines to help your coalition build the capacity needed to develop and carry out a comprehensive community plan to reduce substance abuse rates. It describes the components of a coherent plan related to your coalition’s strategies and priorities for capacity building.