Coalition Site Review Criteria and Template

Coalition Sustainability Plan and Checklist

Year End Annual Report / Evaluation Report Instructions

Action Oriented Coalitions Training Power Point Slide Presentation

Coalition Communications Plans and Creative Partnerships Training Power Point Slide Presentation

Assessing Community Readiness Training Power Point Slide Presentation

Prevention Prepared Communities (PPC) 101 – Orientation Training Power Point Slide Presentation

Prevention Prepared Communities (PPC) 201 – Building & Sustaining an Effective Community Coalition Training Power Point Slide Presentation

This toolkit was created for prevention specialists who need some tips in navigating conversations with local lawmakers in the era of legalized cannabis use. Many prevention specialists feel discomfort in outreaching to their municipalities because they do not want to unintentionally advocate or lobby, as this is prohibited. This toolkit helps prevention specialists broach those conversations and clearly outlines the differences between advocacy and education. The latter is very much allowed and encouraged! Along with the toolkit is a modifiable slide deck. This template serves to provide an introductory conversation between prevention specialists and their respective municipalities. It is a way to provide education and discussion as municipalities consider opting in to allow retail cannabis stores to operate in their area.

Stages of Community Readiness Worksheet and Activity

Action Oriented Coalition Meetings Resource

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