When searching for drug rehab in Michigan, the facility should provide everything you or your loved one requires. However, it is not easy to determine what treatment center to select. Addicted.org created an extensive directory. Within these listings are long-term drug rehab, alcohol rehab in Michigan, outpatient centers, or detox. There are detailed descriptions of services for each facility to help you or your loved one make an informed decision.

A toolkit for stimulant medication misuse prevention.

A compilation of data sources developed for epidemiologists, researchers, practitioners, and others in the substance misuse prevention field who provide guidance or technical assistance to support communities seeking to address the non-medical use of prescription drugs

This fact sheet goes over the prevalence and consequences of prescription drug use among college students.

Drug overdoses are preventable. The growing overdose crisis, particularly among people from racial and ethnic minority groups, requires tailored prevention and treatment efforts. It’s time to identify and address cultural, economic, and structural factors that increase risk for overdose and prevent certain groups from getting and staying in treatment and recovery. Tailored prevention and treatment efforts should be designed to restore optimal health for all.