This manual helps communities plan and deliver substance use prevention strategies. It covers conducting needs assessments, identifying partners, and creating effective strategies for marketing and program evaluation. The manual also offers a sample timeline of tasks. Revised 2020

The Prevention Technology Transfer Center Network developed The Six Elements of Effective Coalitions Resource Toolkit (Resource Toolkit) as part of its overall mission to strengthen prevention practitioners’ capacities to organize, facilitate, and sustain effective prevention coalitions and collaborations that prevent substance misuse and its related consequences. This Resource Toolkit includes various resources related to six key elements, or coalition characteristics, shown through research to promote the adoption of science-based prevention practices that generate improved community conditions and behavioral health outcomes for youth. The Resource Toolkit is a companion piece to The Six Elements of Effective Coalitions Research Overview, which introduces and defines each of the Six Elements of Effective Coalitions downloadable PDF.

This guide was designed for substance misuse prevention practitioners to help them better understand and access online registries for evidence-based programs and practices for
substance misuse. These registries are websites that assess evaluations of behavioral health programs and rate their effectiveness using research evidence. They provide prevention
practitioners with the information they need to select the programs/practices that would be the best fit for the needs of their communities.

Providing up-to-date resources and reports to the community. Focusing on youth and teen resources, parents resources, provider resources, school resources, rural resources, and campaigns and toolkits.