Utilize this worksheet to become a great communicator when discussing prevention. Better understand your audience and the key takeaways to deliver a clear message!

Utilize this media guide to become familiar with the basics, resources, background of NIDA, and the glossary filled of commonly used terms in addiction science and neuroscience.

Utilize this resource to conduct or facilitate an outstanding meeting! Understand why meetings tend to not work well, and make sure you conduct a productive meeting!

How many times have you seen (or given!) a presentation where the audience’s eyes glazed over with boredom or exhaustion? How do we communicate ideas that are important to us in a way that’s meaningful to our audiences? Can we make complex science and deep data meaningful to non-expert audiences? Interestingly, directorial and editing techniques that have long been used in movies correspond with some of the best practices derived from cognitive research about how we can engage our audiences in the delivery of our ideas. This multidisciplinary talk looks at how we can create highly engaging and impactful presentations for our community, project, and funding partners by utilizing these techniques.

This website provides several learning topics to strengthen your understanding of strategic communication. Each topic includes a short training video and additional resources like how-to’s and templates. Discover the trainings together for comprehensive learning or explore individual topics for a more personal experience. There’s no wrong way to use this hub. There’s also an interactive tool where you can build a communication plan for your organization.

The Great Lakes ATTC, MHTTC, and PTTC are dedicated to integrating cultural responsiveness into all our training and technical assistance offerings. We aim to help develop workforce competencies to provide equitable and inclusive care to all. Download this guide to learn more about our growing inventory of evidence-based trainings designed to improve the delivery of culturally-responsive prevention, treatment, and recovery approaches!

A list of key questions to ask when analyzing media messages.

Agenda template for coalitions to use as they build their meeting activities and discussion.