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Take Back Control (Part 1)

Significantly reduce the impact of overload on your ability to make decisions, problem-solve, empathize with others, and accomplish tasks…

Front page of cultural competence primer document
Cultural Competence Primer: Incorporating Cultural Competence into Your Comprehensive Plan

This primer provides anti-drug coalitions with a basic understanding of cultural competence and its importance in achieving substance abuse…

Front page of handbook primer
Handbook for Community Anti-Drug Coalitions

The Handbook for Community Anti-Drug Coalitions provides an overview of resources for and about community coalitions. It helps educate, inform…

Front page of the evaluation primer resource
Evaluation Primer: Setting the Context for a Community Coalition Evaluation

This primer provides the basic tools each coalition needs to develop a comprehensive evaluation plan. In addition, it will…

Front page of the planning primer resource
Planning Primer: Developing a Theory of Change, Logic Models and Strategic and Action Plans

This primer provides clear guidelines for assisting your coalition to develop the products that you need to carry out…

Front page of the community assessment primer resource
Assessment Primer: Describing Your Community, Collecting Data, Analyzing the Issues and Establishing a Road Map for Change

This primer provides anti-drug coalitions clear guidelines for defining their communities and assessing the real needs within the community….

Front page of the sustainability primer document
Sustainability Primer: Fostering Long-Term Change to Create Drug-Free Communities

“Sustainability” is a term that we hear more and more often in relation to coalition work. Whether in discussions…

Front page of implementation primer resource
Implementation Primer: Putting Your Plan into Action

This primer assists your coalition in the implementation of comprehensive strategies designed to achieve population-level reductions of substance abuse…

Advocacy in Prevention: What We Can and Cannot Do

Learn the definitions of advocacy and lobbying, along with the examples of each when it comes to working in…

Mind Matters: Drugs and the Brain

A visually appealing booklet for students that explains how drugs change the way the communication centers in the brain work…

Research Support for Comprehensive Community Interventions to Reduce Youth Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Use and Abuse

This paper was developed to be responsive to the coalition field. It provides evidence to support their use of…

Defining the Seven Strategies for Community Change

This resource describes the seven strategies for community change. Utilize this resource to know what the seven strategies are,…


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