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An Introduction to SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF)

Documents in this collection provide an overview of each step and the guiding principles of SAMHSA’s Strategic Prevention Framework…

MODA Community

MODA Community functions similarly to a social network, connecting people across Michigan who are taking action against the opioid…

Prevent Coalition – Resources

Providing up-to-date resources and reports to the community. Focusing on youth and teen resources, parents resources, provider resources, school…

MYCN Youth Coalition Assessment 2022

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services’ Substance Use, Gambling, and Epidemiology Section has allocated funding to Prevention…

Support for Policies to Prohibit the Sale of Menthol Cigarettes and All Tobacco Products Among Adults, 2021

This study assessed support for commercial tobacco retail policies among adults. Overall, 62.3% of adults supported a policy prohibiting…

DEI Resource Library

Welcome to the African American Behavioral Health Center of Excellence Resource Library, a curated collection of articles, manuals, and…

Behavioral Health Equity

Behavioral health equity is the right to access high-quality and affordable health care services and supports for all populations,…

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Diversity and Cultural Inclusion in Prevention: Guide & Group-Assessment Tool

In this tool, you can see how you can use each step to inform your practices. Feel free to…

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A Comprehensive Culturally Responsive Glossary: Concepts to Increase Awareness Towards Health Equity

The PTTC Network’s Building Health Equity & Social Justice Working Group developed this resource for prevention professionals. The overall…

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Building Health Equity and Inclusion

This resource list was developed by the PTTC Culturally & Linguistically Appropriate Practices Work Group, and represents a compilation…

Mobilizing Community in Cannabis Prevention

This toolkit was created for prevention specialists who need some tips in navigating conversations with local lawmakers in the…

Prevention Prepared Communities (PPC) 201 – Building & Sustaining an Effective Community Coalition Training PPT

Prevention Prepared Communities (PPC) 201 – Building & Sustaining an Effective Community Coalition Training Power Point Slide Presentation


All resources within this library have been created by Prevention Network or have been approved to share. If materials will be shared outside of this network, please give credit to the source. Contact Prevention Network at info@preventionnetwork.org for additional information.