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Michigan Overdose

Data to Action 

What is MODA?

Many Departments at the State of Michigan are working together to reduce the number of overdose death.  Networking statewide is important, but based on responses from community agencies doing this work at the local level, there was a call for a local networking platform.  Using an investment from CDC, local agencies now have the opportunity to connect with partners on the topic of research-based overdose-prevention strategies by using a web-app created by Organizing Together Consultancy.  This web app allows members to take courses and meet people around you that also work to address overdose-prevention.  This is a free service, you select how often you want updates from the site, and the crowd-sourced posts provide you with access to new research, grant opportunities and training support.

By visiting this site:, you gain information, training, funding opportunities and are able to network with overdose-prevention agencies working on this topic near you.  Once you click on the link, you will be asked to create an account using the web-app hosted by PN/Organization Together Consultancy where you can engage with over 150 local community groups working on overdose-prevention in Michigan.  The PN MODA web-app hosts all of these resources:  If this topic is of interest to you, join now and become part of the training collective by joining, then sharing your voice.  If you develop trainings, these can be posted within the portal as a Course.  Resources and support are provided; join the community now!  If you have additional questions please contact Amy Ann Moore, Program Specialist, MDHHS MODA at

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(Find MODA Mini-Grant Course Here)

  1. Create an account through OT Consultancy 

  2. Once you have created your account, search "Prevention Network" and join the space.  

  3. Complete your account by filling out details about you and adding tags related to your work.

  4. Sign up for courses that have been made free for prevention stakeholders. 

MODA Organizational Capacity Assessment 

What is MODA OCA?


MODA OCA is intended to guide you through a process of assessing your organization’s strengths and challenges related to implementing your overdose prevention program. Some questions relate to general organizational resources; others are specific to your overdose prevention program. It is important to adopt a team approach to the completion of this assessment. Involving multiple individuals with various perspectives and ensuring that team members have adequate time to collect accurate and comprehensive data will help you obtain meaningful results.

Read the MODA OCA Report Here

Other Helpful Resources

Check Out Our MODA Videos!

If you have any questions or comments please contact Amy Ann Moore, Program Specialist, MDHHS MODA at

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